maandag 30 september 2013

Fashion week: Jean Paul Gaultier

I promised you yesterday to share a post with the collection of Jean Paul Gaultier. But that didn't happen anymore since I was sitting comfortable in the sofa with my 2 cats. Anyway, enjoy watching the beautiful collection for next year spring and summer. Because at the end I'll have the video of the show for you. It's not a normal show. It's something like So You Think You Can Dance with short danceperformes and a few longer ones. It gives the clothing extra sphere.

zondag 29 september 2013

Fashion week: Haider Ackermann - Martin Grant - Vivienne Westwood

I had a nice day today with the American photographer. He paid me for my work and travelling, but also my lunch and icecream! That's really a great person. He told me that he even puts on his grill when they're shooting at his home so the models can always eat after shooting. It was already a sunny day, so can't complain. In this article I'll show you the collections from Haider Ackermann, Martin Grant and Vivienne Westwood. For Jean Paul Gaultier I will post an apart blog.




zaterdag 28 september 2013

Fashion week: Maison Martin Margiela - AF Vandevorst

The collections from the 27th of September dissapoints me a bit. It was hard to make a selection and even harder to choose out the outfits. Today there were names that interests me more, for example Jean Paul Gaultier and Haider Ackermann. But these collections I will show you tomorrow.



Fashion week: Yang Li - Talbot Runhof - Isabel Marant

I still don't have pictures from my outfit, maybe I can wear it on the shoot from tomorrow in Brugge. It's with an American photographer who's travelling in Europe. I thought to make Brugge more Venetian alike so I'm going to use my masks with corsets and hystorical inspired clothing. Sadly I forgot my own dress in school. But let's go over to the designers who showed their collection yesterday in Paris.