dinsdag 29 oktober 2013

Personal: Zombiewalk

Last saturday I went to the Zombiewalk in Antwerp with my friend Sarah. I was dressed as a zombie bride and actually I got more compliments from guys than ever before. I'm used to it that guys from my age doesn't look at me and if they do it's only laughing me out. Anyway, being a zombie is not my thing, but it was fun to do. We walked in group through all the shoppingstreets.

dinsdag 22 oktober 2013

Fashion: Agent Provocateur

One of my favorite lingerie designers is Agent Provocateur. And I warn you, the name fits with the designs. I saw a new update on their fascebook passing by and took a look on their photo's. I have here for you the FW 2013 collection.

zaterdag 19 oktober 2013

Personal: FACTS

Today I went to FACTS, the fantasy/anime event in Belgium. For me it was more a reason to dress up myself. I wore my diva dress with a white wig and used a black lace mask so you don't notice my glasses that fast. I told you that people asked me to make a picture of me at the Fashion Night Out, well I think I had even more attention, today.

vrijdag 18 oktober 2013

Personal: Sneak view

I really enjoyed the shoot yesterday! About Elvire, the photographer, I already knew she's a nice lady. But the make-up artist that I "know" already a while but just could never work together, was such a sweet girl! She did an amazing job by creating a skeleton on me in a way that's not seen much. Most artists go the very big contrast by using black for the shadows. Sarina wanted to accentuate the bones more and use my skin colour and variations on it for the shadows. Here I already have some pictures I took myself.

Make-up by Sarina Mannaert

Sniffing cat Katniss

After the shoot

woensdag 16 oktober 2013

Personal: Skeleton shoot

A whole year we're talking about doing a skeleton shoot. The make-up artist is really important because the skeleton bodypaint has to be done very well to not make it look something for Halloween only. I'm really excited about this shoot! I think it will take a while till you will see the pictures because we hope again for publication. Here I have some examples.


Skeleton makeup-maybe paint my face for the trick-or-treaters!


Skeleton Halloween T shirt costume and face makeup.

Skeleton Suit

Garlands and bones in a shoot by @koty2 on Fashionising. | #fashion #model #mirror #skeleton #garland #flowers #headpiece #gothic #beauty #g...

tumblr_mdqtv2EN711qh80heo1_500.jpg (480×720)

skeleton fan

zaterdag 12 oktober 2013

Personal: Wintercoat

That feeling when you see your drawing is getting shape in 3D. I'm making my patterns for my wintercoat, it's still not ready, but close to. The shoulder and arm pieces are beginning to look good, and the volume in the bottom looks good enough to me. But seeing it in paper is not very realistic. So next week I hope to start to make it in a cheap fabric so I have a better idea how it will look like and what I can maybe change. Here are the sketches and the patterns on myself and the doll.

I want to create a Victorian but yet modern coat for in the winter. The body part will be in a soft kind of tweed/wool with a lace decoration like my white dress, only longer. The sleeves will be in leather to make it modern, with wide pointy shoulders. On the shoulders and around the hands I want some kind of fake fur but with long hairs. Everything in black of course.

Around the waist I want to make some kind of belt in leather. Under the jacket you can see a skirt, but it's actually part of the jacket. It gives an extra dimension and dynamic. The jacket is on the backside a little longer, and long enough to sit on a wet or cold bank.

We mostly make our patterns in 4 pieces. That's to make it fit very well on your body and you still can play with the shapes. Of course it's not required, for stretching fabrics it's not even useful.

Since I created special shoulders, I have to think very well how to do this in 3D. It doesn't fit longer around my body but "goes in the air" now. Just like architecture. For this I really needed my docent, I had no idea how to start with it. After some tips I could make my sleeve to make it fit with the shoulders. So I'm actually proud to see it works! Now hoping it also works when I start sewing it.

Can you see those 5 pictures next my shoulder around a doll? These are mine, from shoots and events while I'm wearing my collection.

Instachallenge: #21DaysofStyle

A few days ago I told you about my smartphone and that I have now Instagram too. I reminded some organisations, like stores or community sites, has their own Instachallenge. Everyday you have a new theme to make a picture about and upload it with the right tags on Instagram. I found a nice one from Forever 21, it's already a year old but it's for myself. And maybe some of you are interested too.

Day 1 - Knits

I was at the tram on my way to the academy. I was wearing a dress in wool with legwarmers.
Day 2 - Rings

I don't wear much rings, but I love this clawring!
You can follow me on Instagram! I'm thinking about organisating photocontests, so keep following my blog and instagram for more information.

dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

Hair: Five bad habits

I saw a very interesting article about what's bad for your hair. Very simple things we do with our hair, but aren't that healthy. I used the tips today, I wonder if it will make any difference.

Photographer: Daniel Doyen - Model: Sharon Boucquez

1. Wipe dry
When we dry our hair with an towel, we use a lot of power. Logical you think, it will get faster dry. Maybe, but it's not good for our hair. It's like scrubbing our woolen sweater with sandpaper. No good idea, right? With doing it so hard with our towel, we break our hair and make it look dull. Instead of this we should better dab or wring out our hair. Choose for a cotton towel and not one in polyester.

Photographer: Antonella Baldassare - Model: Sharon Boucquez

2. Rinsing hair with hot water
It's ok to wash your hair with hot water, as long as you rinse it with cold water. The cold water closes the cuticle which makes your hair is better hydrated. So you hair is not that dry.

Photographer: Hannes Verstraeten - Client: Dué Hair & Body - Model: Sharon Boucquez

3. Brushing
Don't brush your hair too wild. Start from under and do it in parts. If you pull too hard, your hair will fall out easily and that's the last thing you want. When your hair is wet, you have to be even more careful. Use a wide toothed comb instead. Use first a spray or cream, specially made to untangle your hair.

Photographer: Jan Verbeke - MUA: Cadavre Exquis - Model: Sharon Boucquez

4. Washing everyday
There was always a discussion about washing your hair everyday or not. They say now to really do this. It's good for the bloodcirculation and clean away dead skin cells, sweat and tallow.
Personally I won't do this, my hair will fall out more.

5. Rubber bands in wet hair
No rubber bands or hair clips in wet hair. Your hair is then already very weak, so never do this! It will break your hair even more. But if you want to put your hair together, do it with a soft fillet.

maandag 7 oktober 2013

Personal: 3D scan shoot

A few weeks ago I had a really special shoot. For once I had to stand still for a while. Which is not that easy for me since I almost dance while posing. I have to stand on some round table and that turns around. Six camera's are taking pictures of every angle of me. With those pictures and a special programme you become a 3D model of myself. This you can upload on a site and there you can turn me around, just like those videogames. Of course it looks less realistic than when you see me on pictures self. So you can't expect great pictures of me now. But it's really cool to see myself like this! Click on the text under the pictures to see the 3D version. Not every browser can open it correctly, with Google Chromes it works.

UPDATE: Now you can see the 3D version under the picture. Just click on it and then it will be ready.

Photographer & 3D artist: Mark Florquin - Model: Sharon Boucquez

Photographer & 3D artist: Mark Florquin - Model: Sharon Boucquez

Photographer & 3D artist: Mark Florquin - Model: Sharon Boucquez