donderdag 30 mei 2013

Jewelry: Atelier Bertoldini Giuliana

In Venice I lost my heart. I went there already 2 times and I long for it to go again. I love the sphere, the historical buildings, the bridges, the Italian food and ofcourse the Venetian masks. On facebook I found back a designer in Venice who makes really beautiful masks, and also fitting tiara's, necklaces, bracelets,... When I go back, I will for sure visit him and maybe buy something. But first save enough money.

TAG: First things

Another tag today, and now it's about all the first things I do or did. This picture is from my first "shoot" but taken by my mother. The corset you see was also my first overbust. Before I had an underbust and a velvet skirt which I bought in Paris in a real gothic shop.  

First thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

- After shutting down my alarmclock I stand up, start my laptop and go to the toilet. But I'm not a morning person. I rather spend the night with having conversations with people, looking up stuff for my blog or preparing shoots. Mornings I would love to skip.

First thing you do when going to the sportschool?

- This question is totally not for me. You won't find me back in a fitnessclub or some sportlessons. I have danced several years when I was a child. From ballet to hiphop, but that's over now. I have my modelling and that's also very intensive. 

First thing you do when you come home from work or school?

- I go to my room, drop my stuff, get of my jacket and yes, start my laptop. I don't have a smartphone to check my mails and facebook when I'm not home. So that's why I find it so important to always starting up my laptop from the moment I'm there.

First car?

- I wish I had the money for a car. Last year I did my 10 practice lessons, and I was so scared. Now I just don't find the time and a car to practice further. But I really need to learn it and pass my exams.

First accident or traffic offense?

- I do everything by buss and train, so there won't happen much with me. Even when I walked or when I used for once a bike, I don't remember anything happend yet. I'm also very careful.

First thing you wanted to become when you would be older?

- When I was very young I said I wanted to be a ballerina, but at the age of 8 I stopped with my lessons and I was talking about becoming an interior designer, just like what my mom did. When I was older I did what I said till my second year in the graduate school (the same like an university). It was to technical, I wanted to be more creative and really decorate. 

First big purchase?

- I guess that will be my laptops. The first one was when I was at the age of 16/17. But then when going to the graduate school I needed another one, and that one was even more expensive.

First job?

- That was a summer job in a hotel. I had to serving people, standing behind the bar, cleaning the tables and do the dishes,... I really didn't like that job!

First song that comes up in you right now?

- Lost in Paradise from Evanescence. I heard it today on my iPod while going to the market. One of my favorites on their last album.

First choice in drink?

- I would say Coca Cola, but only when there's enough fizz. At home I rather drink Ice Tea, also with fizz, because we have a huge package with all tins.

First choice in dessert?

 - That really depends in what I'm into. Can be cake, strawberry's with chocolate sauce or sugar, tiramisu, strawberry icecream,...

First time in the airplane?

- I guess it was 2004, the year we went to Turkey. That was one of the worst vacations ever. Very boring being on a hotel, and then hours driving in a car to see something. Also my became very sick, so that wasn't really great.

woensdag 29 mei 2013

Shoes of the day

Top 7 favorite pictures

Those new top 7 pictures are again coming from the page Fashion World. Last week they also shared my picture which I obviously didn't show you yet. Don't forget to click on the pictures who aren't from me. You will go to the page where the credits are written.

dinsdag 28 mei 2013

Music: Vote for a friend

I won't ask you to much from your free time. Only a few clicks and that's it! An organisator from Eierfest in Belgium can win a sponsor package if we vote for their video. If I help her, she will help me on my way to Miss Belgium. So if you don't wanna do this for a stranger, do this for me, and I will be very greatful!
Just click on the link, wait till you see the vote button and click. You can do this everyday. Thank you very much!

Shoes of the day

maandag 27 mei 2013

Shopping: No real jeans

This time nothing I bought myself but got from Labahia, a shop who asked me last year to be their model. With my participation on Miss Belgium they are so friendly to lent out clothes for every kind of event. On the 4th of July all the misses from Belgium come together and we need to wear a jeans skirt. Today there arrived a stretchy skirt with a print of a jeans. It looks a bit fake, but when I'm wearing it it's not that bad. And it's also very comfortable!

TAG: Confessions of a blogger

I finally found a tag! A tag in the language of the bloggers is some kind of personal interview. The blogger answers these, and other bloggers can copy/paste and give their own answers. This one is just about blogging self.

When did you start blogging?

- This blog I started in september 2011. But then I wasn't active at all, a whole period I didn't post anything.

Did you have in the past something else online (another blog or maybe youtube)?

- Yes I had a blog about Tokio Hotel. That was the period I was more and more on the internet, had my own laptop and admired the boys a lot. 

Why did you start a blog?

- As I said I'm a lot more on the internet. Really every day and I need something to do. Since I became more interested in fashion I thought to start something about dark fashion but still in the haute couture world. Thanks to my modelling I see a lot, so that's very useful.

When are you ready to start a blog?

- When you have information enough about what you wanna write. You can only write about something when you're allday busy with it, looking up, searching, even trying out,... And when you have time to post very regular. 

What was your first post on this blog?

- Very normal, a friendly welcome. And ofcourse introducing myself.

What's your biggest challenge about blogging?

- To make people interested who aren't busy with the dark fashion sphere. To show them that being alternative or gothic isn't only about wearing black clothes from some special shops. But that you can also be a very fashionable goth too.

What do you hope to reach in one year?

- More readers ofcourse. Readers who really follow me and that I don't have to beg anymore to visit my blog. So I'm still finding out how I can reach more interested people.

What demotivates you sometimes while blogging?

- When I'm trying to find information or enough pictures about some event or campaign, but can't find much. Then I wish I had some private paparazzi to get pictures for me.

What's your motivation or inspiration to make you keep blogging?

- That there aren't much blogs like mine. Most are too gothic, too dark. I watch the most popular magazines about very "normal" trends. But beside that I keep following the gothic pages too.

Beauty: Jean Paul Gaultier Parfum

Jean Paul Gaultier celebrates his 20 years of his parfum "Classique". The bottle is famous by the shape of a woman, mostly wearing a corset. I find it beautiful looking, but also like the smell. My mother uses it sometimes and it fits her. So I have collected some pictures from the bottles since 1993 till now.











zondag 26 mei 2013

Shoes of the day

Art: Russian buildings

The Schusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow made a very beautiful campaign. The art agency  Saatchi & Saatchi Russia drew the most famous buildings in Russia in a very special way. It has the idea from an iceberg. You see the top of the building (iceberg) but not what's underneath. So they made a whole story from the buildings in some beautiful drawings.

vrijdag 24 mei 2013

Personal: Almost finished

In the lesson fashiondesign I'm making a high waisted pants. Now it's almost finished. Only the pipes need to get a border and there must come some decoration at my high waisted part. I'm proud it's my first pants, and still my third creation. But I think it can be better in shape. It's also not the same as my sketch and inspiration pictures. I had to find a way to make you can't see the seam in front, so my taille band is bigger. That's why I need to add some decoration.

donderdag 23 mei 2013

Beauty: Lace nails

Michelle Phan explains you in this video tutorial how to make a lace effect in your nails. I think I will try this out soon with black and gold. For those who have a lot of nailpolish, maybe you should do this with nude and black colour. You can always leave your results here and I will upload them!

Shoes of the day

Art: Victoria Francés

Who doesn't know this artist? She's known from her vampire drawings with a Venetian style. Some people on my facebook know her and I thought why shouldn't I add her? I did and she accepted my friendrequest. Guess she accepts everyone, but whatever! Now I can follow her and see if she's busy with a new drawing.