donderdag 30 mei 2013

TAG: First things

Another tag today, and now it's about all the first things I do or did. This picture is from my first "shoot" but taken by my mother. The corset you see was also my first overbust. Before I had an underbust and a velvet skirt which I bought in Paris in a real gothic shop.  

First thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

- After shutting down my alarmclock I stand up, start my laptop and go to the toilet. But I'm not a morning person. I rather spend the night with having conversations with people, looking up stuff for my blog or preparing shoots. Mornings I would love to skip.

First thing you do when going to the sportschool?

- This question is totally not for me. You won't find me back in a fitnessclub or some sportlessons. I have danced several years when I was a child. From ballet to hiphop, but that's over now. I have my modelling and that's also very intensive. 

First thing you do when you come home from work or school?

- I go to my room, drop my stuff, get of my jacket and yes, start my laptop. I don't have a smartphone to check my mails and facebook when I'm not home. So that's why I find it so important to always starting up my laptop from the moment I'm there.

First car?

- I wish I had the money for a car. Last year I did my 10 practice lessons, and I was so scared. Now I just don't find the time and a car to practice further. But I really need to learn it and pass my exams.

First accident or traffic offense?

- I do everything by buss and train, so there won't happen much with me. Even when I walked or when I used for once a bike, I don't remember anything happend yet. I'm also very careful.

First thing you wanted to become when you would be older?

- When I was very young I said I wanted to be a ballerina, but at the age of 8 I stopped with my lessons and I was talking about becoming an interior designer, just like what my mom did. When I was older I did what I said till my second year in the graduate school (the same like an university). It was to technical, I wanted to be more creative and really decorate. 

First big purchase?

- I guess that will be my laptops. The first one was when I was at the age of 16/17. But then when going to the graduate school I needed another one, and that one was even more expensive.

First job?

- That was a summer job in a hotel. I had to serving people, standing behind the bar, cleaning the tables and do the dishes,... I really didn't like that job!

First song that comes up in you right now?

- Lost in Paradise from Evanescence. I heard it today on my iPod while going to the market. One of my favorites on their last album.

First choice in drink?

- I would say Coca Cola, but only when there's enough fizz. At home I rather drink Ice Tea, also with fizz, because we have a huge package with all tins.

First choice in dessert?

 - That really depends in what I'm into. Can be cake, strawberry's with chocolate sauce or sugar, tiramisu, strawberry icecream,...

First time in the airplane?

- I guess it was 2004, the year we went to Turkey. That was one of the worst vacations ever. Very boring being on a hotel, and then hours driving in a car to see something. Also my became very sick, so that wasn't really great.

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