maandag 27 mei 2013

TAG: Confessions of a blogger

I finally found a tag! A tag in the language of the bloggers is some kind of personal interview. The blogger answers these, and other bloggers can copy/paste and give their own answers. This one is just about blogging self.

When did you start blogging?

- This blog I started in september 2011. But then I wasn't active at all, a whole period I didn't post anything.

Did you have in the past something else online (another blog or maybe youtube)?

- Yes I had a blog about Tokio Hotel. That was the period I was more and more on the internet, had my own laptop and admired the boys a lot. 

Why did you start a blog?

- As I said I'm a lot more on the internet. Really every day and I need something to do. Since I became more interested in fashion I thought to start something about dark fashion but still in the haute couture world. Thanks to my modelling I see a lot, so that's very useful.

When are you ready to start a blog?

- When you have information enough about what you wanna write. You can only write about something when you're allday busy with it, looking up, searching, even trying out,... And when you have time to post very regular. 

What was your first post on this blog?

- Very normal, a friendly welcome. And ofcourse introducing myself.

What's your biggest challenge about blogging?

- To make people interested who aren't busy with the dark fashion sphere. To show them that being alternative or gothic isn't only about wearing black clothes from some special shops. But that you can also be a very fashionable goth too.

What do you hope to reach in one year?

- More readers ofcourse. Readers who really follow me and that I don't have to beg anymore to visit my blog. So I'm still finding out how I can reach more interested people.

What demotivates you sometimes while blogging?

- When I'm trying to find information or enough pictures about some event or campaign, but can't find much. Then I wish I had some private paparazzi to get pictures for me.

What's your motivation or inspiration to make you keep blogging?

- That there aren't much blogs like mine. Most are too gothic, too dark. I watch the most popular magazines about very "normal" trends. But beside that I keep following the gothic pages too.

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  1. Your English is getting better. You don't want to use "wanna" when you're writing something official though. And you should do more of these tags :)