maandag 29 juli 2013

Personal: Day at Knokke

For who doesn't know Knokke, it's a very known city on the Belgium coast. But also very expensive and full of rich people. I had to be there as "Miss" for a catwalk at the beach. We were wearing a dress of Jane & Joe over our bikini from Sapph. The next round we showed our bikini together with UGGs. Yes indeed! If there's something really wrong in fashion, then it are those winter slippers without any elegance, combinated with a summer outfit, in this case a bikini!

The dress of Jane & Joe, the picture you can find back on their facebook page

Before I show you the WRONG picture, first this one I'm very surprised about

And here the wrongest outfit I ever wore

My day-at-Knokke-outfit with the hat you already saw before

Feeling sad that the shape of my hat is not how it's used to be

Saw this very fashionable and cute window of a shop

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