dinsdag 30 juli 2013

Personal: Panter girl

Yesterday I was very surprised when I was tagged in a new picture from a shoot I did last winter. I only got one picture from then, and now the student made time to finish another one. I look very different with the retro eyeliner, but it's still me. People think they photoshop a lot on my pictures, but that's not true. Sometimes I can see the unedited pictures and the result. Except from making the skin softer, make the make-up coming out better and use a colour layer, they don't change much on myself. Good lights, fondation and the right pose and expression can make me look different than in real. Also when my hair and make-up is different than other times I look like a total other person. Like a cameleon.

Photographer: Jana Germanus - Make-up: Nathalie Meyers - Hair: Ju Stiine & Nina Noseda - Assistant: Marieke Penne - Model: Sharon Boucquez

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