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TAG: Beauty Questions Part II

Here's part 2 of the beauty questions. This time corrected by my sister Josie Boucquez.

Photographer: Dirk De Jaegher - Model: Sharon Boucquez

21. What’s your favorite eye shadow color?
- As color, black of course, but to use it as an eye shadow, I hate it.

22. Eye pencil or eyeliner?
- I still prefer an eye pencil, but to make a line on the upper eyelid I think it’s cleaner with an eyeliner.

For an Halloween event from Viona-Art, make-up done by mom

23. Do you often prick on your eyes with an eyepencil?
- No, that never happened. Only with an eyeliner, but that’s when someone else uses it on me.

24. Do you use mineral make-up?
- I don’t think so. Actually I never read which ingredients my make-up contains.

Photographer: Jana Germanus - Make-up: Nathalie Meyers - Model: Sharon Boucquez

25. Which lipstick color is your favorite?
- A sort of dark red with a little shade of pink in it.

26. And which color of lip-gloss?
- I only use lip-gloss in a natural color or no color at all. 

27. Do you rather use budget labels or more expensive?
- Of course I choose for the cheaper ones, but they still have to be qualitative. Gosh and Maybelline are more than enough.

The make-up I did for the poolparty

28. Did you ever think about it to follow make-up lessons?
- Yes, as a model it can be very useful. But I don’t have the time and money to do this.

29. Are you a little bit clumsy while bringing on make-up?
- When I’m using black or dark grey, yes. Working with an eyeliner is also very annoying.

Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel (after all still have a big crush on him)

30. From which celebrity do you like the make-up?
- It’s funny to say, but I love how the make-up of singer Bill Kaulitz was. Natalie Franz, his personal stylist, is really talented. I also like the looks and make-up of Avril Lavigne and Amy Lee (from Evanescence).

31. Imagine, you have to go outside, but you can take only one make-up product with you, which one would that be?
- My black eye pencil. It makes me look less tired.

Breakfast in Berlin, citytrip with mom, and without make-up

32. Would you leave the house without make-up?
- Yes, I do that often.

33. What’s your favorite blush on this moment?
- I don’t really use one. Or it’s a pink one from Gosh I got from someone.

34. Do you think you look good without make-up?
- No, not at all. Winter types always look so tired without make-up. I need at least a liner under my eyes to look better.

Random girl on internet with wrong make-up

35. Which make-up fault do you hate?
- Too dark (orange) foundation combined with pastel pink lip stick and way too much mascara.

36. Which make-up label do you think is the best?
- I still believe that’s MAC, but just not for my budget.

37. Do you like bright or natural looking make-up?
- As long as it shapes my eyelids well, then I can like them both. But I still prefer the more dark eye shadows, literally.

Photographer: Krystal Forest - Make-up & Hair: Juan Romero - Designer: Black Norns - Model: Sharon Boucquez

38. And as last, do you like make-up?
- I wish I didn’t need make-up to look better. But it can be nice to do creative stuff with it. Or just to try things out.

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