dinsdag 9 juli 2013

Personal: My new room

This weekend we're moving to our new home. I'm not really into it, I'm used to live here. My room was seperated from the other bedrooms, and now my moms room will be next mine. One thing is positive, I can decorate it finally to how I want it. And I have for you some making of pictures.

Finally I can watch my toilet table I got from my father for my birthday

Left my dresser from the IKEA and right the toilet table from Presenthouse in Holland

My beautiful baroque wallpaper where my bed will stand against it

Last time I will use this closet, it almost falls apart

And that's how my wardrobe looks like: black with some red, purple and white

Very important, my shoes! In the last row there are my boots, the second row are my ankle boots and sandals and the front row is with all my pumps. As you can see, I had to find out a way to get it all together.

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