dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

Hair: Five bad habits

I saw a very interesting article about what's bad for your hair. Very simple things we do with our hair, but aren't that healthy. I used the tips today, I wonder if it will make any difference.

Photographer: Daniel Doyen - Model: Sharon Boucquez

1. Wipe dry
When we dry our hair with an towel, we use a lot of power. Logical you think, it will get faster dry. Maybe, but it's not good for our hair. It's like scrubbing our woolen sweater with sandpaper. No good idea, right? With doing it so hard with our towel, we break our hair and make it look dull. Instead of this we should better dab or wring out our hair. Choose for a cotton towel and not one in polyester.

Photographer: Antonella Baldassare - Model: Sharon Boucquez

2. Rinsing hair with hot water
It's ok to wash your hair with hot water, as long as you rinse it with cold water. The cold water closes the cuticle which makes your hair is better hydrated. So you hair is not that dry.

Photographer: Hannes Verstraeten - Client: Dué Hair & Body - Model: Sharon Boucquez

3. Brushing
Don't brush your hair too wild. Start from under and do it in parts. If you pull too hard, your hair will fall out easily and that's the last thing you want. When your hair is wet, you have to be even more careful. Use a wide toothed comb instead. Use first a spray or cream, specially made to untangle your hair.

Photographer: Jan Verbeke - MUA: Cadavre Exquis - Model: Sharon Boucquez

4. Washing everyday
There was always a discussion about washing your hair everyday or not. They say now to really do this. It's good for the bloodcirculation and clean away dead skin cells, sweat and tallow.
Personally I won't do this, my hair will fall out more.

5. Rubber bands in wet hair
No rubber bands or hair clips in wet hair. Your hair is then already very weak, so never do this! It will break your hair even more. But if you want to put your hair together, do it with a soft fillet.

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