zaterdag 12 oktober 2013

Personal: Wintercoat

That feeling when you see your drawing is getting shape in 3D. I'm making my patterns for my wintercoat, it's still not ready, but close to. The shoulder and arm pieces are beginning to look good, and the volume in the bottom looks good enough to me. But seeing it in paper is not very realistic. So next week I hope to start to make it in a cheap fabric so I have a better idea how it will look like and what I can maybe change. Here are the sketches and the patterns on myself and the doll.

I want to create a Victorian but yet modern coat for in the winter. The body part will be in a soft kind of tweed/wool with a lace decoration like my white dress, only longer. The sleeves will be in leather to make it modern, with wide pointy shoulders. On the shoulders and around the hands I want some kind of fake fur but with long hairs. Everything in black of course.

Around the waist I want to make some kind of belt in leather. Under the jacket you can see a skirt, but it's actually part of the jacket. It gives an extra dimension and dynamic. The jacket is on the backside a little longer, and long enough to sit on a wet or cold bank.

We mostly make our patterns in 4 pieces. That's to make it fit very well on your body and you still can play with the shapes. Of course it's not required, for stretching fabrics it's not even useful.

Since I created special shoulders, I have to think very well how to do this in 3D. It doesn't fit longer around my body but "goes in the air" now. Just like architecture. For this I really needed my docent, I had no idea how to start with it. After some tips I could make my sleeve to make it fit with the shoulders. So I'm actually proud to see it works! Now hoping it also works when I start sewing it.

Can you see those 5 pictures next my shoulder around a doll? These are mine, from shoots and events while I'm wearing my collection.

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