zondag 6 oktober 2013

TAG: Get to know me

It's time for a new TAG! A really personal one, with not much questions about fashion and beauty only. So after this TAG you will get to know me better.

1. Year of birth

2. How long are you?
I'm sadly only 1m65

3. What did you think about when you woke up today?
I was thinking if someone mailed me on facebook. For else I have no idea.

4. Where are you on this moment?
I'm at home in my room.

5. Single/relation?
I still don't have a boyfriend.

6. Describe yourself, short but strong:
Unique, dark and sensetive.

7. Guy/girl crush:
After all these years still a crush on Bill Kaulitz.

8. What would you like to have on this moment?
Love, friendship and money.

9. What's your goal in your life?
To become someone, someone with her own business in the fashion, someone who people will talk about in a positive way and remember me.

10. Do you have your driving licence? 
Again that question! But no still not.

11. What are you scared of?
Losing people I love, losing my cats again and spiders.

12. Nailpolish or Lipstick?
I choose for nailpolish, you can wear this everyday and you don't notice any feeling.

13. What's your favorite season of the year?
For fashion, autumn. With the dark colours. But it's becoming too cold then. So rather summer, and in Belgium it's never too hot.

14. Do you ever want to marry?
O yes for sure! I never had a boyfriend before, but I am very traditional and romantic. I already planned my wedding in my head and I'll probably going to make my own dress.

15. Are you an healty-freak?
No, not at all. Since I'm that skinny I can eat what I want without getting fatter. And I don't get sick that fast. But of course I still eat healthy too, I just don't doubt when I want to eat chips or a snack or a lot of sugar.

16. Which haircolor and length do you have?
My hair is very dark brown and long. But sometimes it looks rather red or sometimes it's just black. It all depends on the lights and location. I'm like a cameleon.

17. Which clothing/make-up item would you like to have this moment?
I still want a nice eyeshadow palette with different shades of black, grey, silver, gold, purple and bordeaux,... And a real gold nailpolish, like the one from Yves Saint Laurent. 

18. Do you have tattoos/piercings?
An agency I was ever model for told me I'm nude because I don't have tattoos or piercings. That was really laughing!

19. Do you wear glasses?
Yes and I can't without sadly. I knew longer I had to wear one, but I waited and waited. Till I was doing my theory exam for driving. I had to read something from a distance and couldn't. Then I had to look for glasses or I couldn't drive. So I was almost 18 years.

20. What's your perfect pizza?
I always choose for a pizza with mushrooms. That's the safest choice for me.

21. Favorite food/drink?
Belgian chips from those typical chips tent. I don't know the English name of "frituur". 

22. What's the last thing you bought?
I went yesterday to Antwerp for shopping. The last shop I bought something was in the Forever 21. I bought a skirt and some nice ankle boots with high heels. Pictures will come soon, but can't find them on the site.

23. What did you do this morning at 8h?
Still sleeping!

24. Favorite icecream?
A corn with sorbet strawberry!

25. What are your plans for the next months?
I'm working on my wintercoat, so this has to be finished as soon as possible. I'm going to the Zombie walk in Antwerp on the 26th of October, I'm still planning shoots. In November I go to London in my own and with Old and New I want to go to Germany for Danse Macabre from Viona Art. And meanwhile I'm looking for a new job.

26. With how many pillows do you sleep?
I don't put them on eachother, but with 2/3. Two big ones and sometimes one little one. Especially when it's hot I like to switch a few times.

27. Are you ordered or messy?
In my room I'm really messy. Always getting out new clothes, and when I don't wear them or have to make place for other ones, they're just all laying around. But for else I can't work with a messy table or location. Also my computer has to be ordered well.

28. What do you expect to reach in 10 years?
That I can make clothes on my own, without any help of a teacher. That people want to buy my clothes and that I have started my own shop. And have a boyfriend!

29. What do you miss on this moment?
A boyfriend, really. I always see my sister and mother with their boyfriend. Then I'm always sitting there alone.

30. Are you shy?
To random start talking to strangers yes. If I don't have a story to tell, then I don't dare to go. But once they talk to me or I can tell them something I don't have any problems with that. I got stronger in this.

31. Do you have an accent?
Everyone does! I have a West-Flemish accent and I'm proud of it.

32. Sisters/brothers, how old?
I have one younger sister of almost 18 years old. If you count well, I'm 21 years.

33. How does your daily life look like?
If I have a job, then I stand up, get ready, check mails, greet my cats, drink something and then leave. Then I come home, greet everyone who's there and give my cats attention and maybe food. It depends if my sister did or not. Then it's tv or computer time, eating and again tv or computer time. Pretty boring!

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