vrijdag 4 oktober 2013

Personal: Pictures from FNO

We're already a month further and I still didn't share you my pictures of Vogue's Fashion Night Out in Amsterdam. It was for me a very nice evening, I felt like a star. With my own design, hat and dark make-up, I got a lot of compliments from random people from every age. Young girls from my age and younger wanted to go on a picture with me, like I was some famous person. And they were standing in groups waiting for their turn. But the best compliment I got was from the Dutch designer, Bas Kosters. I met him and even my black dress wasn't his style he really loved it. If a topdesigner says that to you as beginner, then you should really feel proud, and I was. It only motivates me to go on and make it real.

I left in Oostende around 9h and I was already in panic that I wouldn't arrive at time in Antwerp. There was something wrong with the doors that wouldn't open. Luckily I wasn't late and there I met Tommy, also a big fashionlover and yes he's a guy and not gay! From Antwerp we took the train to Rotterdam and then to Amsterdam, so we arrived at 13h.

It was really hot that day, we decided to check in first in the hotel before eating so we had some time to fresh up ourself. In Amsterdam we found a very good Italian restaurant. I was never so excited when I saw the menu. So many things I just like to eat but I could only choose one dinner and that became a pizza Quatro Stagioni. After eating we made ourself ready for the evening and then it just starts.

Our first stop was in the Bijenkorf, a shoppingmall where they sell everything of fashion and beauty from designers. Not really cheap if you ask me. We could make a picture with a 70's cape of the designer Frans Molenaar. I still need to scan that picture, so it will come later. After that we saw the fashionshow we made pictures in front of a special machine. I also have 2 other pictures that I will share soon. That was really fun to do.

After leaving the Bijenkorf we saw there was a "paparazzi spot" where we could stand in front of a banner and someone took pictures of us. That was really acting like a celebrity. I'm just not really happy with my pose. The lights were higher than me, so to avoid shadows on my face because of my hat I had to look up, and that comes over very forced. Anyway, it isn't a photoshoot.

We also went to the H&M where we could see the limited edition of the collection they showed in Paris. And in front of the door there was also such spot. That picture I have to scan too, so again you will see it later. We had no idea of time, but suddenly we had to hurry to still see the rest and meet Bas Kosters. We could take part of his installation with models dressed in his outfits by wearing one. After that I asked to take a picture with him and then he gave me compliments about my dress. Beside the compliment he's a really nice guy.

We visited the shop of Philipp Plein, I already showed you his collections. I never dare to go in a shop with very expensive clothes since I can't buy them. But that day everybody was welcome and I was really surprised to see the interior of the shop. The very big skull was really amazing, to say it with words of Astrid Bryan. I believe she would love it too.

In the window I saw this sexy dress and I wish I could buy it. But maybe it would be to nude.

It took a while till my friend Tommy could take a picture of me in front of the shop. There was some drunk man who wanted to go with my on the picture and he became really annoying. I would almost smash him in the face but luckily he left.

Suddenly someone asked me to take a picture for his blog One Sec Please. I couldn't ignore Tommy so we posed together. We're the fashion duo!

When everything was closed, we went drinking something and talked about this great moment in our life. Both we were happy with the compliments and attention we got. We would definitely do this over. Maybe we go one day to the Paris fashionweek.

Between the place of the event and our hotel there were the letters of I amsterdam. Like every tourist I needed pictures of it with me. But as model you just have to pose in fashionstyle. And look at the letter S in the last picture. I tried to make an S with my body and I think it worked pretty well.

The next day we had to go back home. Well I first had to stay a few days in Gent for repetition for the Miss show. I had to walk around with my hat all day because it didn't fit in my suitcase. Sometimes it was very funny because I had to wear my sportclothing and then the combination with the hat. You can imagine how wrong that must have looked. But it was worth it.

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