woensdag 12 juni 2013

Personal: Publication in P-magazine

I'm the Facegirl of the week in the Belgian P-Magazine. It's very popular by men, and the pictures they choose out are always in bikini or lingerie. But for me, to be seen in Belgian is that very good news. They just made a very big mistake. Under my name there's information from another girl and not from me. There stands that I'm studying Communicationmanagement-Sales, work as hostess, live in Ardooie, 19 years and is in a relation. Well none of that is correct. For those who are interested: I studied Interiordesign, for the moment searching for work, I live in Oostende, already 21 years old and have NO relation.

Photographers: Damona-Art - Veroniek Dobbels - Daan Moreels - Dries Vanackere - Marieke Penne

Help mij met mijn deelname aan Miss West-Vlaanderen voor Miss Belgiƫ! Sms "MWV 05" naar 6665 (Enkel voor Belgen - 1euro/sms - mag meerdere keren)

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