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TAG: Why do you wear make-up?

This tag is about wearing make-up, why do I use it? Some people told me they like to read those personal stuff about myself. If you have questions for me, or a tag to answer, feel free to send me.

When did you start wearing make-up?

- I was at the age of 15 when I finally used a black eyepencil under my eyes. My mother didn't allow me to use earlier, but then she was the one who said I should try. It would fit more with my gothic style. And my mom really support my style.

How do you feel without make-up?

- It feels very empty, and I don't like to look at myself when I'm not wearing anything. Since I'm a wintertype (dark hair and white skin), I look very fast tired. So a line helps a lot. It also make me look older, more my age. When I'm not wearing make-up people guess I have the age like my sister, almost 18. And now I don't really like that.

What do you like about make-up?

- It can change your look completly. You can make it more dramatic, glamorous, but also very dark or just very fresh, light, cute. As I said, it doesn't make me look tired (if you use it well ofcourse). With the right technics I can make my eyes smaller, which is more mysterious.

What are your 3 "holy grail" items?

- First of all my black eyepencil, the Kohl Kajal 010 from Catrice. It really makes very dark lines, even thick if you want to. I didn't find a better one than this one.
Second a foundation. I use now the X-ceptional 11 Porcelain from Gosh. For so far I didn't bought a better one than that. I'm afraid it will become to expensive if I want better. But it fits very well with my light skin. It has a bit of yellow, which makes it perfect for me.
I'm also very positive about the eyeshadow Color Tattoo 24 from Maybelline. I have a gold one and it truly stays on my eyes for a long time. If would sleep with it, the next day it's still perfect on my eyes. When you rub with your finger over it, there's almost nothing on your fingers and you didn't miss up your eyeshadow either. Wish they had much more colours.

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