dinsdag 18 juni 2013

TAG: Freaky Facts

It's time for another TAG today! The last one was a bit in a negative way, but now that will change. This one is about my funny facts. You'll be surprised which song I like to sing!

Quick you can compare with McDonalds, only in Belgium and parts of France. It says: Quick, you go for his flavors

What is a crazy characteristic of you?
- I like being dressed cool, sturdy, with black leather and studs. As child I also played with guys in school, being warriors and making camps. I love swords, dragons, snakes,... and sometimes I'm into playing those fantasy computergames where you have to fight. But on the other side I can be very girly too. I played with Barbie's till my age of 15, I loved to switch their clothes every minute. With modelling ofcourse I also like it to get on make-up, now I try to do some things too. I'm very into fashion, especially when it's about dresses and shoes. The things I make has to be femenine and elegant. And I'm over-emotional. 
- Another funny fact is that I always lived near the sea, and that I really hate it. The salt water, the sand, the beach self, the cold wind and I don't like to eat fish at all. 
- I don't like feet! I hate them, I don't want to see them, not touching. And even mine they can't touch.

On the poolparty from Marc Coucke, dancing on the music from Q-music

Which song do you sing along secretly very loud when you're alone?
- Well it's not very sectretly. But it would surprise many people who know me a bit. First of all, I like to sing along! Can be any kind of music from rock to pop. Except from Jazz and those "Schlagersongs". That I don't sing the right words, doesn't matter, but I love to. And recently I like to sing One way or another from One Direction. Yes! I'm sorry!

Last scale model I made

Which are your biggest frustrations?
- Photographers and clients who choose out unexperienced girls for commercial shoots in stead of the real models who have years of experience. The reason is that those girls are honoured to be asked, so they don't ask money. So actually they're taking away our jobs. And also the fact that they only accept tall girls, while it doesn't matter on pictures.
- I hate busses and trains! You never have the right connection between them both, or one is too late, doesn't show up, cancelled... And they don't go everywhere you want, also when you want.
- And school. I'm happy I don't go to school anymore, except from those fashion lessons, which is not the same as fulltime school. Teachers don't learn you the things you really need in life. They like to demotivate you and push away your own opinion and creativity. Yes even in the art sections you're not able to do what you want. It has to be the taste of your teacher or you get bad results. In my second year Interiordesign my teacher litteraly told me that I should think about stopping my study's. And yes I did, I was so tired of it!

Cake on my 21th birthday

Not a cake, but tiramisu on my birthday party 

What's your favorite bad snack?
- If I really have to choose, then cakes. Not that it is that bad, just not for people who wants to lose weight. And what am I lucky this time! I like it with strawberry, chocolate, marzipan, lots of sugar and pudding.

Photographer: Hannes Verstraete - Hair: Dué Olivier - MUA: Nathalie Dedier

Which beauty rule don't you follow?
- Are there beauty rules? Well I just do things I think it's logical and makes you looking better. I use a fondation closest to my skin colour, I don't put on much mascara because I don't even like it and my lips are never lighter than my skin. Maybe there's something, I don't use skin products. I did so when I was younger, but it made my skin only worse with my pimples. Sometimes a scrub, but also not to much from it. Rather just some cold water and that's it.

Chantelle Paige (someone I would call "troet" for sure!)

What's your "stopword"?
- I made my 2 own ones. "Troet" is to people who aren't sweet, sometimes I use it in a teasing way, sometimes it's really meant to those barbie girls. And then you have "poef". That's for when something stops, dissapear, break,... can also be actions from people. Or a noise from something that fall, explode,...

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