zondag 23 juni 2013

Personal: Working

Since wednesday I started a new job. I work now in As Adventure, a big shop with all camping and travelling items. There's also a fashion part where I help sometimes, but most of the time I'm the cashier. It's not really my kind of product, but my colleagues are very friendly and show interest. Though years ago we always went on vacation in the mountains on camping. So it's not that unknown for me. Who wants to see some little Sharon pictures?

Together with my little sister, again she fell on her knees

Feeding grass to the marmots, animals always came close to me

Fabulous clothes! (I'm on the right side)

Help mij met mijn deelname aan Miss West-Vlaanderen voor Miss Belgiƫ! Sms "MWV 05" naar 6665 (Enkel voor Belgen - 1euro/sms - mag meerdere keren)

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