woensdag 26 juni 2013

TAG: My life in materials

On a community site for girls I made a text about myself by using fabrics. Each fabric or material I love to use or wear stands for my character. If you're looking for a tag, you can copy this one I made myself.

One of my first shoots and still wearing my bracket braces - Photographer: Jan Verbeke

- In the medieval the nobility used this soft fabric a lot. This dark period inspires me especially in my gothic style. The softness shows that I like to be treated in a gentle way. 

Funeral shoot with my parasol from Venice- Photographer: Dirk Deschrijver

- It has a complicated pattern, so am I. But when you come closer you can look through it. When you make an effort to get me know better you will know how I am. Real Bruges or Venetian lace is made by hand. With this I'm saying that I realize things with my hands.

Still proud of this shoot - Photographer: Dries Vanackere

- This transparant fabric falls very flexible and swings around. As child I did ballet and I still have this elegant way of moving. When I'm talking full of passion, I use my arms and make those typical Italian moves. 

Stock photography for bookcovers - By Razzle Dazzle Design

- Next the elegance I also like something with a tougher side. Especially in my outfits you will see this. Real leather is actually hard, and so am I in using words and saying my opinion. But with the right treatments I can turn by and act much more emotional and soft.

Jewelry shoot - Photographer: Suzan van Gemeren

- Somehow this material let me think about the moon and stars. I'm a night person and enjoy less from the sun (gold) than a normal human. And since I'm a winter type (in fashion), silver fits me better too.

Punkshoot - Catherine Jane Robertson

Spikes and studs
- Watch out if you dare to hurt my loved ones or me. I'll jump immediately in the defensive and come up for people who deserve it.

My black bird shoot I did in Paris - Photographer: Krystal Forest - Designer: Black Norns

- Light as a feather, they say. And yes that's how my body is built. That's a positive thing to be a model, sadly that's also the only thing.

Another picture of the jewelry shoot - Photographer: Suzan van Gemeren

- Every stone is unique, and so am I. Well at least that's how I want to be. I have my own clothingstyle and way of thinking about this world.

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